Media Impossible is a production company that makes narrative shorts, web series, and features that are freely distributed online.  We create entertainment targeted for a secular audience that also illustrates Christian values and shares the gospel of Jesus.

Media Impossible was formed because we felt a need wasn’t being met.  First, a lot of Christian media is preachy, unrealistic, or poorly produced.  It seems more for the religious community with no appeal for a non-Christian to watch it.  Second, there seems to be a growing negative attitude or misunderstanding of Christianity where even the mention of God causes flame wars.  We believe the way to a happier and satisfying life is through Jesus, but how to share that?

Our answer is to follow Jesus’ example, instead of trying to force His way on people He showed by example.  He entertained with parables that were relevant to his audience yet also illustrated key ideas of the gospel.  Our goal at Media Impossible is to use different genres, styles, and formats to do the same.

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in or help out in some way, contact us and let us know.