• New Anime Short in Production

    We have been working on another animated short. Expanding on what we learned on the Lord’s Prayer project this two to three minute video will include several characters as we try to get closer to an anime style. The video posted below is a quick animation test to see how one of our characters is progressing.

  • Lord’s Prayer Anime on YouTube

    The Lord’s Prayer anime is finished!  You can view the video below.  Thanks to all who helped with the voices, background art, and music.   This was our test project to try to create an anime style animation using Moho.  

  • Anime Update

    We are getting close to finishing the “Lord’s Prayer” test project.  Voices have been recorded, background art is finished, and it looks like the character itself is about ready for animating.  It has taken longer than we wanted to get this far but we have been learning a lot that will apply to future projects.  A short character test is below.

  • Anime Short in Production

    One of the projects we are looking into is an Anime web series.  Over the last couple of months we have been busy researching and trying out several different software options for the anime project.  After looking and trying out several different animation packages we have settled on Moho.  Moho is a 2D animation program that uses rigs similar to a 3D program to animate it’s characters with.  Hopefully this will help us achieve a hand-drawn 2D look without having to draw each frame. In production now is a test project based on the Lord’s Prayer skit by Clyde Lee Herring.  You can see an animation test for the character’s…

  • The Types of Shorts We Make

    I wanted to add just a short highlight on the types of shorts you can expect to see here.  As stated in our mission statement our target audience are those who normally would not be interested in watching religious or Christian shows.  To that end some of our projects will probably never talk about God or Christianity. We will also use any genre (action/adventure, sci-fi/fantasy, comedy, drama, western, mystery, animation) that fits our project.  Regardless of the approach, everything we do here must align with the following two main points.   Illustrate Christian values or the Gospel.  Whether it even mentions God or not, the core of the story should…