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The Types of Shorts We Make

I wanted to add just a short highlight on the types of shorts you can expect to see here.  As stated in our mission statement our target audience are those who normally would not be interested in watching religious or Christian shows.  To that end some of our projects will probably never talk about God or Christianity. We will also use any genre (action/adventure, sci-fi/fantasy, comedy, drama, western, mystery, animation) that fits our project.  Regardless of the approach, everything we do here must align with the following two main points.


  1. Illustrate Christian values or the Gospel.  Whether it even mentions God or not, the core of the story should illustrate Biblical principles or aspects of the Gospel.


  1. Be Family Friendly.  I don’t mean boring, juvenile, cheesy, or living happily ever after with unicorns and rainbows.  For me this means no swearing (seriously, not needed for a story. Did you ever hear someone say “I don’t want to see that movie because they don’t swear enough?)  No graphic violence, no sex. Basically something I would be comfortable watching with my kids.

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